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Breaking in your new running shoes

We’ve all been there, super excited for our new running shoes so we lace them up and go for a very enthusiastic run only to get brand new blisters to go along with our brand new shoes. So I’m going to let you in on a little secret: DON’T RUN IN NEW SHOES! Lace up

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Our Habitas Tulum

Recently I went on a vacation to Tulum, Mexico with my best friend, Jessica. We’re both moms are wanted a soulful beach escape to focus on things we can’t focus on with little ones: uninterrupted yoga and finishing our meals all by ourselves, sitting down, while it’s still hot. Oh the luxury. We knew we

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Toddler Yoga

Toddlers are the best. They can scold you on putting peas on their plate and laugh hysterically for five minutes straight about stringing random words together like noodle eyes and walking pizza. I’ve been sent to time out for not getting my toddler orange juice and asked to raise my eyebrows so he could laugh

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