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Habitas Eats

The food at Habitas Tulum was as gorgeous as it was delicious, and even the photos looked perfect! I was going to put these shots with my Our Habitas Tulum post, but I had so many I decided to dedicate a post to some of the beautiful food we had while staying there. Both our

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Our Habitas Tulum

Recently I went on a vacation to Tulum, Mexico with my best friend, Jessica. We’re both moms are wanted a soulful beach escape to focus on things we can’t focus on with little ones: uninterrupted yoga and finishing our meals all by ourselves, sitting down, while it’s still hot. Oh the luxury. We knew we

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Azulik: Magic and Mezcal in Tulum

There is nothing like doing a little soul-searching on the beautiful coast in Tulum, Mexico. You’d be hard pressed to find a hotel not offering various forms of yoga, or thoughtfully sourced food. Hotels in Tulum are thus, both experiences and escapes, giving room for spiritual and physical growth and clarity, inspiration and refuge. In preparation

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