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How to take a cute headshot or school photo of your child on an iPhone

One of the biggest surprises of becoming a parent was all of the school photos. So many school photos, and it starts as soon as you have them in any kind of establishment: daycare, preschool and then, for forever for pretty much anything you sign them up for. The truth is, you don’t need all

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Schoolbus Junkyard: North Georgia’s hidden school bus murals

I pass this really neat junkyard full of painted school buses all the time on my way to school and I’ve been dreaming about when I could go and take some pictures. My three year old, Rhett, loves cars more than anything in the world, so I could not wait to take him here! I

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Toddler Yoga

Toddlers are the best. They can scold you on putting peas on their plate and laugh hysterically for five minutes straight about stringing random words together like noodle eyes and walking pizza. I’ve been sent to time out for not getting my toddler orange juice and asked to raise my eyebrows so he could laugh

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