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Why the Romper-Dress is the one wardrobe item you need

I’m always on a hunt for wardrobe items that will last. One of the worst things is finding a spectacular piece that only lasts one season. That’s why I was really excited when romper dresses started to show up this season. It is one item you can wear all year around, and I’m going to

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Full Bloom Nursery Summer Sale (and a cute outfit)(and a cute dog)

Today I decided to check out one of my favorite places in North Georgia this time of year: Full Bloom Nursery located in Clermont, GA. I love going at the end of may/beginning of June because they often have great sales and they still have beautiful plants left. Yesterday started their Summer Sale, and today

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Breaking in your new running shoes

We’ve all been there, super excited for our new running shoes so we lace them up and go for a very enthusiastic run only to get brand new blisters to go along with our brand new shoes. So I’m going to let you in on a little secret: DON’T RUN IN NEW SHOES! Lace up

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