Two-Piece Peach Tie-Dye Maxi Dress aaaand some cute doggos

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Happy Monday Everyone!

I recently purchased this dress off of Amazon after having it in my fashion want list for forever. The reviews were mixed so I was always hesitant to make the purchase and once I tried it on, I had questions. So many questions. Since this dress isn’t all bad or all good, I decided to go over the good things first, then the bad, so that you can decide. 😉

Pro: Comes in 7 different colors

Cons: material is Polyester, which kind of kills the tie-dye vibe.

Tie-dye dress back detail

Pros: Cute cut! The back is a cute tie and very open, perfect for summertime! Also, I love how the skirt is high-waisted.

Cons: Can’t wear a bra with it and material is on the thinner side. There are two layers, but it doesn’t hide much.


Pros: the pattern is super cute and the colors are very vibrant!

Cons: it doesn’t match up. On the amazon page, the model has on a fully matched up set, where this is kind of the opposite of the pattern matching up, giving it a checkerboard feel. It’s still a cute pattern, but it doesn’t look tie-dyed at all.


Pros: The dogs seemed to like it just fine

Cons: Dogs like anything when you have snacks 😉

What do you think of this dress? Love it or hate it? I’m on the fence and I can’t decide if it should stay or go. Leave a comment below and help me out! 🙂


Kate ❤

Outfit Details

Maxi Dress

Strappy Sandal Heels

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