Broiled + Caramelized Grapefruit: My Grandmother’s Summer Specialty

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Summer time is slowly creeping in and I love the feeling of the mornings getting warmer and the fog lifting off the river just a little earlier. Summertime in Georgia always reminds me of visiting my grandparents in the summers, where we’d catch fireflies and ride to see the fireworks in the back of an old Ford Model T Truck.

Those days are long gone but they still live within me and sometimes the slightest thing can bring back a flood of memories. My neighbor brought my son a grapefruit the other day and it was his first time trying one. I split it in half and he licked it all the while approving of it’s strong, sour taste. I took it out of his hands and asked if he wanted to try it the way I ate it as a kid– in this same house, and he eagerly nodded.

I placed the halves in front of him and brought out the brown sugar, and he added a tablespoon to each half, followed by a drizzle of honey. Are we done now? he asked me, licking his fingers loudly. I smiled because this was the same thing I would always ask Gram before she’d chuckle and tell me, no Katie, wait, you have to broil it first. I was always impatient and she was always right, especially when it came down to the grapefruit.


She’d cut into the filmy, white parts of the grapefruit to separate the pieces, then stick it in a broiling oven for no more than seven minutes. We’d wait at the table for the grapefruit to be ready while she’d hold her giant water glass in her marbled hands and shake her head at the news.

Slowly, the whole house would fill up with the smell of otherworldly grapefruit brûlée

Slowly, the whole house would fill up with the smell of otherworldly grapefruit brûlée and it would linger long after we sat on the back porch, squeezing the grapefruits and trying to catch the juice running down our elbows in between laughing and listening to crickets.

Maybe it feels like I’m embellishing, but this is exactly how I want to remember it– all the details of all the summers condensed in one sweet grapefruit afternoon. My only hope is that my son also remembers it all this way. When he’s faced with a spritely child of his own, asking if it’s time to eat the grapefruit yet, he’ll remember, and tell them no, they need to wait so they can broil it too ❤


Thank you so much for reading and commenting. 🙂 This is a special post for me so I wanted to sign off with something Gram would have said: You Are Loved 

Kate ❤

Gram’s Broiled + Caramelized Grapefruit Recipe

Set Oven to Broil

One Grapefruit, sliced in half and set on foiled cookie sheet

Honey (or Maple Syrup for Vegan-friendly) drizzle to taste

2 Tablespoons of Brown Sugar (or to taste)

Slice along white grapefruit lines, to separate the pulp from the rind

Drizzle honey on top of grapefruit, being sure to get into the crevices

Sprinkle Sugar on top of Grapefruit

Broil for 3-7 minutes, watching closely, Grapefruit will be slightly browned on edges

Take out of oven and set aside to let cool.

Eat with a spoon, on the back porch, with your favorite person to get sticky with




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