Going Darker, Bolder, and Glossier for Summer: A Wonder Woman Hair Guide



Hello BombSquad! Recently I partnered with Kroger Beauty to bring you some of my best and favorite Kroger finds for Summer! I was so excited to start working with them because I already love and use so many of their beauty items (hello Drug Store make-up!), and they are running some really great summer coupon codes until June 9th, so we both win here. 😉 Read to the end because I have a natural hair mask recipe, more pictures, and access to exclusive Kroger Summer Coupons! Here we go.IMG_2999.jpeg

One of my biggest summer beauty essentials is taking great care of your hair. I’m a big fan of egg and avocado masks (and for brekkie too, tbh) and even honey as a use for natural remedies to ease damaged hair. I tend to go towards shampoos and conditioners that have theses natural ingredients as well. Our hair needs good vitamins and nutrients too!

To make a great hair mask, just take an overripe avocado (it’s softer and you wont miss eating it), a table spoon of honey, a drizzle of olive oil, and mix them all together, generously applying it to wet hair. Leave it in your hair for 20 minutes, then wash it out with your normal hair care routine. Do this every other week and your hair will always be luminous.

Honey does a great job at repairing hair while avocado adds that extra kick of moisture, and the olive oil adds the shine. If this sounds like way too much work, or the thought of squishing all of this in your hands seems like it might feel gross (it does), I suggest a shampoo and conditioner with these ingredients. Whole Blends has a great shampoo and conditioner with Honey and Avocado. Where Fructis has one with combined Olive Oil and Avocado and they all smell like the real deal…with less Squish.

I naturally have very dark hair, but it tends to get lightened and damaged easily in the sun so I have to be extra careful in the Summer. In spring time, I typically go darker instead of lighter for Summer: I get to make a bold statement, aaaaand I get to keep my hair looking healthy and strong for longer. A few years ago, I went lighter right before Summer, and it took yeeeeeaaaars for the damage to grow out. Lightening my hair combined with the damage I was already getting from the Summer sun was just too much on my hair, so I tend to go dark and stay dark throughout the warm weather. Also, who doesn’t want to channel a little Gal Gadot for summer? I know I do!

I typically use L’Oreal Hair Color because it doesn’t fade for up to 8 weeks and leaves my hair really shiny and luminous, which is exactly what I need to combat this Georgia humidity! I chose a cool dark brown to contrast the warm months ahead, and usually do warmer browns in the fall to go with all those gorgeous fall colors.

If you’re here for the coupons, head over to Kroger.com/beauty for great tips and videos on Summer make-up, hair, and skin care. They also have a huuuuuuge selection of digital coupons that automatically get applied when you check out in-store. All these pictures were taken right after I dyed my hair a touch darker with the L’Oreal Hair Color 3C Cool Darkest Brown that I’ve been using the last few summers, Oh! and all L’Oreal Hair color is currently $2.00 off! Hooray! Head here to see all the Summer coupons available.

What are some Summer Essentials you typically use? What is your summer hair routine? Comment below!

As always, thanks for reading! I’m off to take in my new Wonder Woman hair. 😉


Kate ❤ 



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