Romper Season! The Lazy Way to be Stylish ;)

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One of my favorite wardrobe essentials of all time: The Romper. What girl doesn’t love a perfectly-fitting-cute-wearing easy-breezy romper?! It’s easy to put on and wear, you don’t have to coordinate separates and they are super comfortable while still being stylish. I admit, some rompers make me feel (and look) like I’ve fully embraced the Frumpy Life and am wearing pajamas all day, but when a romper fits you just right, it can be the cutest thing in your wardrobe by far.


In my recent excursion into the deep dark depths of Amazon Fashion, I came across a few cute rompers, but because rompers are hit and miss for me in general, I decided on settling for just one to start, this cute White Romper with Pastel Colors.


The pastel shapes give this romper an 80’s Light feel to it which I am fully ready to embrace. Also, to make it a little more formal or stylish, you can always add a belt to it! A belt goes a long way for something like this to make it look like you put some more thought and care into your outfit. Remember, accessories are your friend, just choose a color palette and make sure the details match up. Under-accessorizing is never a statement, but over-accessorizing, or choosing something bold as a focus always makes a statement.


Also, my new favorite earrings which I’ve already decided I’m going to wear all summer goes perfectly with it! With this romper, you can easily match it with a variety of colors, no no need to buy new accessories. It’s delicate with an edge, so I found matching it with both  the dainty and bold works wonderfully.


As always, thank you for reading! I hope you’ve liked my Amazon picks for far. 🙂 If there’s something you like on Amazon, please comment below! I’m always looking for new and cute finds!


Kate ❤ 


Outfit Details

Earrings: Fringe Drop Earrings

Romper: White Romper with Pastel Shapes

Lace-Up Booties (SOLD OUT!): Similar Style here

Bag: Cult Gaia Ark


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