Huthmaker Violins + Purple Romper + Crazy Toddler

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Recently I brought out my cello again after a hiatus playing for a few years. I signed up for a class at my University so that I could fulfill the one credit I needed to become a full time student so that my scholarship would kick in. It was the best decision I have made in quite a while. When I brought my cello to the first lesson, the professor mentioned that it was a little adventurous and that I should get it looked at to make sure it was optimal for playing. He recommended Huthmaker Violins in Suwannee, Georgia. IMG_0848.JPG

I fell in LOVE with this place as soon as I pulled up. It was in an old white building from the 1800’s nestled right on the train track. Roland Huthmaker told me after looking over my cello that Margaret Mitchell would stay there on the weekends to get out of the Big City. Now, I named my son Rhett, so ya’ll must know what Margaret Mitchell means to me 😉


The interior of the shop was beautiful! It was full of full bodied wooden instruments all lined museum style throughout the various rooms. They even invited me to join their Orchestra which meets on Sundays, which would be wonderful. In a perfect world, I imagined my husband living down the street, watching football with Rhett and me running away for the night to go play cello with my orchestra friends in a Margaret Mitchell house. One can dream 🙂


Jonathan helped me get my Cello up to playing speed again. We had so much work to do on it, but it was worth it when I heard the final sound come out of it after they kept her for a few days. There is something I love about a cello’s sound: It’s a combination of guttural and sad that makes the instrument both melancholic and yet spicy, like a neat glass of whiskey.


When she was finally fully playable, I brought her outside to play. Rhett and the dogs love it when I play cello. I love to play outside when the weather is nice. Thankfully I live in a spot where I’m still pretty remote, and hearing the notes travel with the wind makes it playing so much sweeter.


Rhett just might grow into it one day. This is where I am glad we don’t live too close to neighbors. Toddlers learning strings is probably the worst sound you’ve ever heard. 😉


Thank you so much for reading! Does anyone out there have something they love to play? Leave a note in the comments!



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  1. So awesone. I did not know you played the cello! Michael played violin and I miss that. He was pretty good too! I hope Rhett takes an interest as well. Music is good for the soul…

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