Flower top + Mini lace skirt + a Brewery

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This past week, Hurricane Irma took out most of the power and tons of trees in our area. Internet has been pretty much nonexistent, and school was cancelled almost all week for me, and all week for Rhett. It has been really hard trying to juggle school, with two tests, and trying to find care for Rhett since everything has been a mess since Irma hit. So, when my friend Andrew invited me out to celebrate a friend’s birthday, I was 100% in. When he said they were going out to Jekyll Brewing in Alpharetta, I knew I wanted to wear one final summer outfit to offically say goodbye to the Summer in style.


This top I bought from Target not too long ago as a matching set, and I love the details of it. It has beautiful stitching, an open back, and frills and flowers…so basically everything I love about something pretty to wear.


Jekyll Brewing was a really cool little spot in Alpharetta, Georgia. I love a really casual place, and bonus points if it has board or card games. This one won all the points with me, because not only did it have great beer (Cooter Brown was my favorite, but the Perfect Storm IPA was pretty awesome too), the guys played virtual golf and us girls were left to demolish political correctness with a little Cards Against Humanity, which was a perfect way to celebrate Jessica’s birthday.


One of my favorite things about the bar was this old sign in the Ladies Restroom. When I was a kid, I lived in this little tiny town in Germany and I smiled when I saw this. Bamberg is a gorgeous little place, and it always brings back the fondest memories of Germany: Christmas markets, gummy stores, and the really quaint towns of Bavaria. My mind is already trying to find a way to get back to Bamberg, Germany for some good old fashioned nostalgia, and maybe this time, since I’m a little older, some beer too.  😉


As always, thank you so much for reading. Hope everyone stayed safe after the hurricane! Please Let me know if you have any spots that you love that I should try in and near Atlanta and north Georgia. ❤



Outfit Details

Shirt: SOLD OUT. Similar style by J.O.A. in Blue here (ON SALE too!)

Skirt: SOLD OUT similar style here (ON SALE)

Bag: Prada

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