Schoolbus Junkyard: North Georgia’s hidden school bus murals


I pass this really neat junkyard full of painted school buses all the time on my way to school and I’ve been dreaming about when I could go and take some pictures. My three year old, Rhett, loves cars more than anything in the world, so I could not wait to take him here! I rounded up some of my favorite inexpensive outfit finds for me and Rhett on amazon and we took off to finally explore: The School Bus Graveyard IMG_5505.JPG

After some internet sleuthing, I found out the place is called Wade Alonso’s Auto Parts and Wrecker Service and their entire junkyard is surrounded by beautifully painted buses. Read more about this place and its history here and here.


Every bus is painted differently, and Crispy Printz, the artist in charge of the murals, invites local artists once a year to repaint them (usually in the winter), so every year you can experience a whole new aesthetic.


The buses each have a different theme painted on them. Some with giant inspirational words and others with beautifully designed pictures, and all of them were equally impressive and instagram-worthy 😉 Here, Rhett is showing us that he is strong and ABLE, which is the perfect thing for him since he is starting Preschool on Wednesday!  (Where does the time go?!)


The buses all line the perimeter of the junkyard, and were put in place to keep out thieves and trespassers. It’s important that when you visit, you check in with the owners at the shop, and you are respectful of the property. It is a privately owned area and both the owners and artists that make this such a treasure would like to keep it that way ❤


We only explored the perimeter of the junkyard but I’m hoping to go back and explore the whole place when they are open.

It’s also really easy to get to. The address is: Rudy Drive, Alto, Georgia 30510

The best way to access the buses is to park on the side of the road on Crane Mill Rd once you exit the freeway, and walk back towards the freeway. There’s a drainpipe on the side of the freeway (don’t worry, it’s away from traffic) and you can follow it all the way up to the buses easily.


Some of the area is surrounded by buses, while other areas are stacked sky-high with cars! Definitely a cool spot to bring your car-loving little ones. 😉


Thanks so much for reading! Have a special place near you that you like to visit with your little ones? Leave a comment below!



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