Two piece yellow flower set


J.O.A. is a brand I’ve been following for a while now. I love their chic designs: they’re both classy and sexy with a strong design concept. When I stumbled across this number at Target, I couldn’t believe it. They had just one set in my size and I fell instantly in love. They have made a line called J for J.O.A. made specially for Target, and it captures everything I love about the brand’s aesthetic completely.


The navy blue with the yellow flower details has a retro feel without feeling dated. The best part of a two piece is that you can wear and style each piece separately if you want, or combine it all together. It’s basically numerous outfits with one investment. I love that this one is classy, beautiful, and cool for summer. There is so much to love about this one: the mini-cut out details that line the stitching, the ruffles and the back. Oh the back ❤


The back detail is my favorite part! The bow is just so wonderfully girly. Makes any summer outfit so perfect, whether it’s a picnic or you’re just headed out for some weekend shopping. It’s hard not to feel done-up when you have the sweet little details this top has.


The pants are a wide and slightly cropped, so perfect to show off any sandals or heels. These espadrilles are my summer-time go to for chic and casual.


So I have been searching for an Amish Country hat for a while now. I live in an area with lots of Mennonites and Amish culture, so I see them rocking these hats all the time. They are awesome. I love the bold, wide rims and beautifully crafted tight weaving. If you are near some Amish stores, or live in an area that sources Amish made goods like I do, please go in and support them, especially if they have cool hats. 🙂




Outfit Details

Two Piece outfit: J by J.O.A. for Target, not online, but select styles in stores! See similar J.O.A. styles: Pink Floral PantsBlue Ruffle Top, White Ruffle Top

Shoes: Asos (pack of two, one metallic, one striped for less than $32!)

Hat: Authentic Amish Country Hat I bought from my brother’s Godmother, Kathy, at her store Cranberry Corners. The hat isn’t for sale online, but go and check out her store if you ever are in Dahlonega, GA for lots of authentic and wonderful items. Similar popular Styles available here: Klint Hat and Bolero Hat

Bag: Large Cult Gaia Ark in Natural

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