Lavender Fields Forever

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There’s a new lavender farm in Cleveland, Georgia that is going to have their very first Lavender Festival next weekend, June 17: Lavender Lamb Farm. So, naturally, I took Rhett today so that we can go through the fields to check it all out.


Rhett had so much fun going through the fields, looking at bees and butterflies, but mostly he loved picking up rocks. He ended up filling his pockets with them and finally we had to choose just two to bring with us (thanks Susan!).


Right before going, I received a special package from my sister-in-law for my birthday. It had a beautiful clutch and necklace in it by Tiff Manuell, a brilliantly talented Australian designer and I was immediately hooked by her designs. She is quite the artist AND girlboss. Here is a sneak peak of the clutch, but you lovelies will have to wait for a future post to see all the really beautiful details of both the clutch and the necklace. Seriously swoon-worthy.

How gorgeous is this clutch?! Handmade, one of a kind too. I think I’m in love. Thanks Lesley! ❤


FullSizeRender-14.jpg FullSizeRender-13.jpg

I fell in love with this dress from Target! It’s airy, with a gorgeous pattern, and the sleeves are so beautiful. You can wear the sleeves like a halter, or off the shoulder too. Since it’s an A-line dress, it will be perfect maternity dress too!


Lavender Lamb Farm is a beautiful new spot and I’m so excited to see it grow! Susan was so wonderful and informative on lavender and you could tell that she was very passionate about the plants.


This is our stash we bought after frolicking through the fields. Look at Rhett’s rocks! He was so excited that he put them on the counter when I was checking out for me to buy for him. Susan was so great, she “rang” them up like the rest of the items and put them in a bag with paper. Rhett was ecstatic.

Check out this place next Saturday, June 17, for some awesome activities, classes, and so much gorgeous lavender! There is a complete list of their activities on their Facebook Page promoting the event. They are even doing a raffle to give away this beautiful brand-new lavender bike to one lucky winner:


With this view, and the air full of lavender, it makes a perfect summer activity for you and your family. ❤


What are some activities you are looking forward to this summer with your loved ones? Comment below!





Outfit Details


Dress: Target On sale with code DRESS30 at checkout

Shoes: Old style. Similar Jeffrey Campbell

Clutch: Tiff Manuell


Shirt: Whistle and Flute

Shorts: Old style, similar: Ralph Lauren and Tucker + Tate (both with various colors!)

Shoes: Converse40% off!


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