Free, Free Falling

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Recently Jordan and I had planned to go jump out of a plane together, because neither of us had ever attempted it before and because it’s one of those things that sits in the back of your mind telling you maybe someday you’ll try it. Now, I’ve let a lot of somedays escape in the past, and he agreed, and we thought the best way to start something someday, is to start today. So we booked it, filled out all the online forms and set the date to skydive at Skydive Monroe, in the beautiful little town of Monroe, Georgia.


Then, one of my best friends in the whole world, Angela, called me and was flying in to see me that exact weekend as a surprise for my birthday. Jordan and I had made a deal, so I couldn’t back out, so why not ask her to join us? I thought maybe she’d jump aboard, and maybe she’d run screaming for the hills, but it was best to leave it up to her entirely. Our phone conversation went a little something like this: I’m so excited your coming! How do you feel about Skydiving? Aaaa—hmmm

Aaaaaaaand she ran for the hills

I thought maybe I could talk her into it. So I set up some wine tastings, some vegan desserts, and to tell her about their very awesome t-shirts I would totally buy for her after it was all done. So, after our very awesome wine tasting day in the North Georgia Mountains, and several glasses in, I finally was able to get her to agree.

The very next morning, we were off to Skydive Monroe, way before she had a chance to change her mind.


Jordan met us at there, and we were ushered into a small room to fill out paperwork and to watch a movie on skydiving safety and we worked with Yon, one of the instructors in a short class on skydiving protocols and what to expect for our jump. After this, they put us in these awesome jumpsuits that made us feel like Top Gun and paired is with our Tandem Skydive instructors, suitably nick-named: Chuckles, Special Ed and Yon, of course.

Talk to me, Goose

After going through the last steps of training, they loaded us up in a small plane with a few other skydivers, and we took off into the sky. As the plane rose up, we all looked at each other and out the windows as the ground left us below. Finally 16,000 feet up in the air, the plane door opened and light poured in from outside as clouds were jetting below us. I saw Angela fall out the door first, and that was the first time I had ever seen someone leave an perfectly good airplane while it wasn’t on the ground. As the plane emptied out people, one by one, I was left with an eerie, empty, plane just to myself and Chuckles, but it wasn’t for long. Once we were at the door, we simply leaned out of the door in front of us, like the others had done before us, and fell into a free fall tumble to the Earth below.

IT WAS TERRIFYING. But in a good way. The rush you felt when you landed was surreal: it made you feel like you could do anything on Earth, as you fell from the sky and yet, still, landed like feather. It was very powerful and something I’ll keep with me for a long time.

My favorite part of skydiving was when the parachute came up and we were under the canopy. My instructor, Chuck (Chuckles) was incredibly patient and an excellent teacher. I was so impressed with how the team at Skydive Monroe handled the process so that there were no surprises and you felt like you were given all the tools you needed to be a safe and reliable tandem with your instructor. As soon as the parachute was up, he started showing me how to steer, and how movements affected our descent. I could see Angela and Jordan below me doing spins through the clouds and getting closer to the ground and finally landing. Our landing was as smooth and wonderful as peanut butter. Chuck loosened my leg straps and unhooked me, and I sprinted towards Jordan and Angela and we all started jumping up and down estatically. We had done it. We changed a ‘maybe one day’, to ‘today’ and we had done it together (with heaps of help from Chuck, Ed, and Yon ((THANK YOU)).



What’s something you’ve always wanted to try? Or have tried and loved? We are now all on a mission to make more of our somedays happen and we are open to suggestions! 😉



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