Our Habitas Tulum


Recently I went on a vacation to Tulum, Mexico with my best friend, Jessica. We’re both moms are wanted a soulful beach escape to focus on things we can’t focus on with little ones: uninterrupted yoga and finishing our meals all by ourselves, sitting down, while it’s still hot. Oh the luxury.

We knew we wanted to try a Tulum escape, but couldn’t decide where to stay. Someplace soulful, with yoga, a beautiful view, and internets. Now, I had heard about Our Habitas some time ago, and had been planning on a retreat with them at some point in the future. Their events and escapes are one of a kind. If you are in need of some soul searching, and to be a part of a global community, you cannot beat Our Habitas. Be sure to check out their web page and instagram and you’ll see why they’re such a special place. When we heard they had just opened their very own boutique hotel in April on the beach in Tulum, we ecstatically jumped aboard.

So grateful of Our Habitas Tulum

Entering Habitas was quite the experience. Before being brought to your room, you went through a traditional mayan ceremony where you were permitted to let whatever troubles you had go, with some help of some incense and warm smiles from the staff. In fact, the incense burned throughout Habitas Tulum, which made you feel as though you were keeping any troubles at bay continuously throughout your stay. It’s a scent I will carry with me for a very long time, and one that I miss often.

Our Habitas Tulum

The main area was a beautiful, open design with light and wind pouring in from all directions. The tables were wooden and carefully chosen, and there were countless pillows and chairs to accommodate the varying tables. Even though they mismatched in a way, they could be brought together for the communal meals they held on occasion. While we were there, they had a giant communal meal for the full moon, and the place was filled with people, eating, laughing and sharing.

Ocean view forever Our Habitas Tulum
Our Habitas Tulum

The pool was beautifully structured design to complement the already brilliant ocean views. The lines seemed to pour out into the ocean and hold your gaze for a while. We spent many a morning lounging around just for this view.

boho eco chic Our Habitas Tulum
Falling out of a Hammock at Our Habitas Tulum

The hammocks were quite iconic. They were full of the charm that defines Tulum: boho eco chic meets friendly ocean fanatic. During the weekend portion of our stay, this beautiful black hammock was always occupied, and for good reason: its unobstructed ocean views and perfect capturing of the essence of Tulum made you feel right at home in Habitas. There were people that would camp out in this hammocks all day. I actually had a really hard time staying IN the hammock. The picture above is me right before I fell out of it….again. 😉

Love the bikini? It’s from Target! I love this store. Cute, inexpensive and stylish. This design looks great on everyone and it’s on sale for less than $32 for the whole set too! Get it here: top and bottoms

Glamping at Our Habitas Tulum
Glamping in Style at Our Habitas Tulum

The rooms were beautiful tents with thatched balconies and roofs. It was my first time in a glamping experience of sorts. The room was air conditioned and the ocean front room had a lock on the door and safes. The tent part of the suite had a mosquito net layer that you can zip up to keep out bugs. We kept it zipped at night and when we left the room, and had no trouble with mosquitos or bugs during our stay. When we were in the room reading or getting ready, we loved to open up the big windowed door on our balcony to let the ocean air rush through our rooms. The ocean-front rooms are absolutely worth staying in just for the view. Some mornings we brought our coffees to our rooms just to be in them because it was so lovely. I could have not left the room for days and would have been happy with just this as a vacation.

focusing on the good, washing away the negative: Our Habitas Tulum

The Shower and bathroom were part of the suite, but located outside and beautiful. The rainfall shower had shampoos and soaps that were completely natural and biodegradable. They smelled of avocado and honey and made me hungry every morning of our stay.

Need more coffee Our Habitas Tulum

Okay, so the one hard part for us was that coffee and breakfast was not served until after 8am. This was awful for us. We are both early risers, waking up between 6-7am every day, and we love our coffee. I could wait for breakfast, but there’s not much I want to do before I have a cup of joe. So if you are like us, bring some Starbucks Via or something to sustain those long hard hours before they start that percolator.


Dancing in the ocean wind: Our Habitas Tulum

I spent many hours here just looking at this view with the windows open and the air pouring in. It was one of my favorite parts of the trip.

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Yoga at Our Habitas Tulum

Yoga pants are from Teeki, and have elephants wearing flower crowns on them. ahhhh. I’m kinda obsessed with them. Get them here

Yoga at Our Habitas Tulum

Varying yoga was held on the rooftop of the main open room overlooking the ocean every morning at 9 am, and it was one of the highlights from our trip. Every teacher brought in a whole new sense of belonging and precision to their craft every day. I loved that it was different types of yoga, with different teachers so that you could gain a perspective outside of what you take or what is offered in your area. Living in the North Georgia mountains, our variety of yoga classes is extremely limited, so I appreciated the differing classes and looked forward to them every day.

gorgeous meals at Our Habitas Tulum

My Bikini is from Forever 21, and I pretty much lived in it my entire trip, get it here: Top and the bottoms are sold out, find similar ones here (don’t worry, they match perfectly): Bottoms

Cover up was so beautiful and perfect for the beach! Get it from Asos here

Sustenance at Our Habitas Tulum

The food was as gorgeous as it was good, in fact, I working on a whole post on food that we had at Habitas, (and another about the best eats all over Tulum!), so be sure to check it out and come back for more posts about Tulum soon! 😉

Also, if you haven’t booked your stay yet, I looked everywhere to find the best deal on my vacation, and booking.com was, by far, the most streamlined and inexpensive route. If you book a stay there (anywhere, not just in Tulum), you can use my link here and they will give you an additional $25.00 after your stay on top of all the savings they already offer. I loved booking through them and would do it again in a heartbeat.

Perspective at Our Habitas Tulum

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you have any thoughts or tips you’d like to share about your vacation in Tulum or elsewhere in the comments!

xoxo Kate

5 comments on “Our Habitas Tulum”

  1. Thanks for posting, I am staying here with my sister in a couple weeks and you posted everything I wanted to know about the hotel and experience. Yoga everyday at 9am! Woohoo Looking forward to our stay!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I loved this place! I hope it is as wonderful for you as it was for us. One more tip: ask the front desk for suggestions for activities, they are usually locals with lots of resources and they love to let you in on all the little gems the area has to offer. If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to reach back out!


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