Habitas Eats

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The food at Habitas Tulum was as gorgeous as it was delicious, and even the photos looked perfect! I was going to put these shots with my Our Habitas Tulum post, but I had so many I decided to dedicate a post to some of the beautiful food we had while staying there. Both our tummies and our hearts were so full this trip ❤

Cappuccino that I had every morning mmmm
Coffee with Mescal and cinnamon made a perfect after dinner treat









Savory Croissants for brekkie












Savory breakfasts were a dream come true, and I’ve always been on team savory when it comes to breakfast. They put so much effort in making their dishes so vibrant. ❤

Their avocado toast was unreal. They just piled heaps of avocado on it.
Quinoa Oatmeal with Papaya and Blueberry

Sunglasses are Ray Ban, get them here

Dinner time: Octopus and Seasoned Chicken with in-season Root vegetables

The sunglasses are so cute! The top ones are Gucci, get them here with a similar darker style here

The bottom glasses are Kate Spade, get them for 30% off here


Now I’m hungry for this all over again. Cannot wait to go back!!





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