Tutti Frutti Beach Booty


It’s almost summer and you know what that means! Beaches, popsicles, bbq and BIKINIS!   I recently got back from Tulum, Mexico with my bestie, Jessica, and there wasn’t one day we didn’t wear our bikinis. I always get self-conscience when it comes to wearing a bikini, but I boosted my self-confidence with just some simple exercises I started a few weeks before going. The art of not comparing myself to others is not a skill I’ve completely mastered yet, especially during bikini season, so I thought if I worked on some areas that I’m self-conscience about, I could be more happier and have a better vacation overall.

I love that quote that has been going around,”If you run, you have a runner’s body”. The same is true with wearing a bikini, if you’re in a bikini, you have a bikini body. This post is just about some exercises that worked for me, so I thought I would share in case it helps another beautiful woman out there feel happy and confident in their skin this summer as well. ❤

Although I run consistently, I still find that I need to do other exercises to keep in tip-top shape for summer. Here are just a few simple exercises other than squats that I’ve been doing to help keep in shape and bikini-confident all summer long. I did this for almost four weeks and had great results! This will take you no more than 20 minutes each day. I chose to do it outside to help get some vitamin D, and to take advantage of the beautiful Spring weather we’ve been having here in Georgia lately, but you can easily do it inside and get the same results.

Donkey kicks: pull your leg in
Donkey kicks: then kick out behind you

These are Donkey Kicks and they’re really easy. When you are on your hands and knees, just throw back one of your legs. This works even better when you add weights on your ankles. Do three sets of ten for each leg.

The Fire hydrant: lift your leg to the side

These are the funniest but they work wonders! They are called fire hydrants, can you guess why? haha. One of my problem areas is that I retain fat in my upper outside thigh, and these are perfect for squashing that! If you get saddlebags, these are a must. Skating and exercises with movements from side to side also help to take care of this area as well, so if you feel too silly, there are other options out there. On your hands and knees, lift up your leg like you are a dog next to your favorite shiny red fire hydrant. 15 on each side is enough if you keep it up every day.

The Bridge: Lift your booty up from the ground and hold it there.

This one is called a Bridge. It’s great if you can hold this for a minute. This will help your abs AND your booty. 😉

Kick your legs up from the bridge one at a timeIMG_0970.JPG

From the bridge, you can kick up one leg at a time. This also helps both your abs and gives your booty a cute bubble shape over time. Three sets of ten on each leg. If it’s too hard to do after holding the position for a minute, try working in some crunches, or meditating between these exercises.


These are side kicks and they’re great! They help with your balance and they help build up that butt! Simply pull up your leg, then kick out like a kick boxer. They will take some time getting used to and maintaining balance, so just start out with 3 sets of five kicks on each leg and work on building that number as you get more balanced and flexible.

Lunges: lunge all the time!

Lunges! So I recommend doing lunges while you go about simple activities. I live on a hill, and every time I walk back up the hill from getting the mail, I do lunges all the way up to my house. It’s awful but has such great results. Once you start seeing the difference in doing lunges, you’ll find ways to incorporate them so that doing them won’t seem to hard and you’ll get great results!

Like my outfits? 🙂

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The yoga pants are from Teeki, they’re incredible and so so so beautiful. Get them here.

The bikini is All Saints, and it was a gift from a friend a while back. Here are similar teeny bikinis to show off your new beach bod here: a stunning BEACH RIOT bikini: Top and Bottoms, a less expensive Victoria Secret bikini here: Tops and Bottoms, annnnd because I fell in love with it, if you want to treat yo’ self on a gorgeous embroidered bikini, get this Agua Bendita one here: Top and Bottoms 

As always, thanks so much for reading! If you have a work out that works for you, please share it in the comments so we can try it out!




2 comments on “Tutti Frutti Beach Booty”

    1. Thanks Rebekah! They’re simple and effective, which are two of my favorite things! I try and incorporate little things into my routine so it doesn’t seem so daunting. That way I’m always moving and keeping up without even realizing it! 😉


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