Toddler Yoga


Toddlers are the best. They can scold you on putting peas on their plate and laugh hysterically for five minutes straight about stringing random words together like noodle eyes and walking pizza. I’ve been sent to time out for not getting my toddler orange juice and asked to raise my eyebrows so he could laugh at my forehead wrinkles. Such fun.

Finding activities to do with them is also an experience.They either love it or hate it and you will have no way of knowing until you are in the middle of it. When I asked my son if he wanted to do Yoga with me he jumped up and down excitedly and shouted YAY YOGURT.

We then went outside and started some basics…but not for long. He was decidedly upset Yoga did not, in fact, involve Yogurt. As soon as we started, we went back inside for a yogurt break. He was adamant that Yoga HAD to involve yogurt.

After our Yogurt break, we were back outside starting back at the basics again.

We started with some simple meditation, which he was surprisingly all for. He loved closing his eyes, and peeking 😉


Next we tried Tree Pose and it started this conversation: Me: This is called the tree pose. Rhett: you are not a tree!


And for downward facing dog, he insisted on barking like a dog 🙂 IMG_1525.JPG

After showing him some basics, he Jumped in and started showing me some of his very own ‘yogurt’ moves.


In the end, he loved it and asked me when we’d do it again. I even got quite the ab workout from laughing so much. I have a feeling our weekends are going to be full of our new Yoga and Yogurt tradition ❤


Any fun activities that you do with your kids? Let me know in the comments, we are always looking for fun new things to try.

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3 comments on “Toddler Yoga”

    1. That’s so incredible! Rhett just want to climb and do break dance moves. It’s so cute though 😉 Love your blog and all your photos are so cute! I’m so inspired by you ❤

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