Azulik: Magic and Mezcal in Tulum

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There is nothing like doing a little soul-searching on the beautiful coast in Tulum, Mexico. You’d be hard pressed to find a hotel not offering various forms of yoga, or thoughtfully sourced food. Hotels in Tulum are thus, both experiences and escapes, giving room for spiritual and physical growth and clarity, inspiration and refuge.

In preparation of going to Tulum, I ran across pictures of a beautiful treehouse nestled on a private beach called Azulik. Every picture I ran across was as gorgeous as it was unique. We had already made our plans to stay at the wonderful Habitas Tulum (post about this place coming soon!) so we instead decided to come here for dinner one night at Azulik’s famous new restaurant Kin Toh to watch the sunset.


It was breathtaking. Walking in felt like walking in to a book like The Swiss Family robinson. You felt like both an adventurer and a princess. An adventure princess. IMG_6083.JPGIMG_6073.JPG

The hammocks were everywhere and you could climb onto them and take pictures as long as your shoes were off. The staff was so nice and would even show us around and take our picture for us. It was such a great way to lounge and wait for seating to start. We got cocktails and almost took a nap.

Also, ladies, wear something under your dress! This is the view people get when coming into Kin Toh 😉


There are so many beautiful tables that you can view the sunset over the jungle. They don’t even bother setting the table on the other side.

This table was my favorite for waiting for the sunset. If you go towards the weekend, make sure you call ahead to get a reservation.

The winter through April is the busy time, so you may need to get a reservation through those dates as well 😉


IMG_6192-1.JPGThey even have a “nest” table you can reserve that is a huge private table elevated above the jungle with 360 degree views for just you and your friends. With views of the ocean, the jungle, the sunset, and your friends, how could you not be happy?


IMG_6170.JPGThey start seating at 6:30, but I would suggest going early and taking a walk around the hotel before having drinks. Leave the heels at home! I wished we brought sandals, as everything was wooden and hard to walk on. We ended up going barefoot most the night.

Their cocktails were delicious and gorgeous. I loved LOVED their Mescal Margarita.

We stayed for dinner, but drinks and the tacos would have been the perfect scenario. FullSizeRender-2.jpg


This Place is magical. It has so many corridors and secret places to explore. I felt like I could have been there for days and not have seen all that was hidden within the walls and various pathways of Azulik.  FullSizeRender-1.jpg

This place is like a lot of Tulum: magical, inspiring, and leaves you thinking about it for days to come. It’s the kind of place you can escape to, to feel lost in its architecture, to walk barefoot along the curving boards and to feel the breeze coming through the billowing curtains as you lay suspended on a pile of pillows and rope. You especially remember the golden light of sunset hitting your friend’s face as you both collapse in laughter, and you realize, not all magic is unobtainable.

Where is a magical place that you have been? I think I’ll always search for this kind of magic.



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