The River and a Bird


I just finished my last final today! I finally had some time to be a little creative with some ideas that I have been wanting to work on. Today was my rainy flower crown day on the river. If you are here to see what surprise happened, it’s at the very end, so don’t peek! I promise not to be too wordy 🙂

Today, we get to travel down my road to visit some pretty places: a river and a waterfall with some beautiful pieces I picked up for my upcoming vacation!


It was cold and rainy but so pretty outside that I couldn’t help but take some photos! I am not wearing a lot of make-up, so the lipstick is NARS – Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella and I just put a hint of NARS – Blush in deep throat with a tinted moisturizer.

The flower crown was really easy to make too. Take a thin elastic band (one that matches your hair color is ideal) and just stick flowers all in it so that the band doesn’t show. I realize I went over board with these flowers, but they were so pretty! Maybe that’s a fun follow up blog post idea, let me know if you want to see a flower crown tutorial 🙂


The bathing suit is from Forever 21, and it’s so cute (and inexpensive! My favorite combo 😉 ) Here you can get the top and the bottoms and together they are less than $30!


The cute embroidered Boho Cover-Up from ASOS in XS and love just love it. It’s elegant, boho, hip and so cute on. It hangs off the shoulders, has embroidered flowers all over it, and has a perfect little clasp in the middle.


Back detail. The Back also has an opening that can show off your back or a really cute bikini design. IMG_4457.JPG

How cute is this?!


It’s really nice living out in the middle of no where sometimes. I get to live within a hundred yards of a beautiful river and waterfall, so expect more of these types of photos in the future! 🙂


Finally, here it is: GUYS, YOU GUYS, I RESCUED THIS TINY BIRD. This poor thing was trapped under a tree branch and I helped it out. It was shook for a little bit, but then flew away when it got over the drama of it all. I thought it was a Dark Eyed Junco, but it’s been a year since I took Ornithology, and the pictures don’t match up! Anyone know what type it is?


4 comments on “The River and a Bird”

    1. Thank you! The bird flew away so I hope he isn’t too injured from the branch. I miss city things too! Coffee shops and varieties of food especially. The grass is always greener, right? 😉

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