Vacation Ready!

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I’m just finishing up finals and am so ready for vacation! I love the art of flat lay photography, and thought I’d try my hand at it with some vacation looks, starting with this one! Where are you going for vacation this year?IMG_2250.JPG

Here’s the break down of where you can get (almost) everything for your vacation:

Cult Gaia Ark: yes, it’s THAT bag. There are few IT bags of the season, but Cult Gaia is the runaway winner this year. With its beautifully designed, natural wood, it appeals to all types. It’s beautifully crafted, naturally vegan, and has growing waitlists no matter what website you try to get it from. This version is the large natural ark version and you can preorder it on the Cult Gaia website here: Gaia’s Ark. Now, if you want fun versions of the natural one, such as Blue Mini Acrylic Arc or the Bamboo Circle Bag, both of these are really cool alternatives that would look great with a bikini or street fashion.

The sunglasses are Kate Spade and one of my favorite styles of hers! I love the brown gradients and they go with everything! Get them on sale for 20% off here –> Kate Spade NY

Now the swimsuit I got when I modeled for a Hale Bob retailer a while back. If you like this style of swimsuit, you can get an equally sexy sequined one here in navy or pink: Beach Bunny Bottoms  and Beach Bunny Top. I love Hale Bob bikinis, so if you want to try one of their new fashions this season, here is a cute Patterned Blue Bikini from them.  Or, if you want to browse their collection, they are doing a 50% off sale items for summer and free shipping right now (yay!) check them out here–> Hale Bob.

The White Fringe Cover Up is really sexy on and looks great with jean shorts as well as just a suit underneath (can’t wait to show you in a future post). It’s just the right amount of boho and beach. It’s exclusively at Asos right now and is a light material, perfect for those summer hot days by the beach or pool.

The Espadrilles Shoes come in a two pack for super cheap! This is just one of the two pack, so expect to see a new post over the next few days with the other pair. These are metallic, where the other ones are more of the traditional canvas and black striped. Also, these Espadrilles have open toes, so you can show off that pedicure you got right before your vacation (you know you got one 😉 ): Two Pack Sandal Espadrilles

The Babe Hat and bangle is from one of my favorite boutiques here in the south, Shop Dress Up, and they have many styles of fun, embroidered hats, but I personally fell in love with the Babe embroidered hat, which is perfect for our girl-cation. 🙂

Now, if you like embroidered hats, there are many cute ones out there. The one that started it all is Eugenia Kim’s Do Not Disturb hat. She has many designs out there, my favorites are the Greetings from… and Talk to the Sand and my personal favorite, Rebel (with it’s dark colors you can wear all year around). These are a bit pricey for me right now, but I love them all the same.

Thanks for reading! Let me know where you’re going for vacation this year down in the comments!

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